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200% Bonus up to $2,000
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Deposit and Get Bonus $1500
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Casino Welcome Bonus €100
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Best Online Casinos in Australia

Selecting trustworthy online casinos in Australia

Online casinos are included in the fascinating world of online attractions. They are thought about amongst the first when people want to entertain themselves. And selecting a reliable and trustworthy place is not that easy – many factors have to be considered. In this article, we are telling our readers how we approach the selection process.

online casino

How do we find the best online casinos in Australia

Finding a place to gamble is the result of combining several factors into one conclusion. In addition to estimating gameplay in online casinos itself, described below factors take their significant places.

Security in an online casino Australia real money

Security and safety issues are of utmost importance. They comprise of:

  • SSL technology or its successor TLS – to make sure all communications between punters and Australian casinos are made securely
  • A more modern HTTPS over the outdated HTTP – to provide extra security when it comes to important data transfer (personal, contact, and financial)
  • 256-bit protection of all payment transactions. When it comes to card operations, then PCI DSS methodology of data protection shall be enacted, too (it is considered a gold standard of the modern financial market)
  • Two-factor or, even better, three-factor authentication of punters when they log into their casino accounts.

If at least something of the abovementioned does not exist, then such an online place isn’t reliable by default.

Bonuses in new online casinos

Bonuses in online casinos are represented by the huge vastness of offers, ranging in values, terms, wagers, numbers, and lengths of actions. By type, they are diversified into those:

australian online casino
  • welcome bonus (a.k.a. no-deposit bonus, given for registration to new players)
  • deposit bonus (given to new players when they do depositing)
  • reload bonus (given to existing players who deposit)
  • cashback (a certain share of money lost during some previous period is returned)
  • loyalty bonus (given based on the level of players in the Australian casino’s system)
  • VIP and high rollers bonus (given to only these categories of gamers)
  • Free spins (given to play in pokies)
  • Free game (given for several minutes to play for no money).

They all allow winning real money, even though some of them do not require real money to be put on a gambling account.

License of the top online casinos

The license of online casinos allows fair and unbiased play to everyone in every aspect: the diversity of games, payments, chances of winning, return policy, support service. Without a license, it is impossible to talk about the fairness of a punters’ house, so avoid every unlicensed place.

Banking in online casinos that accept Australian players

Banking options are basically channels of depositing and withdrawal . The more of them the better. And the more they are convenient for gamers the better. Also, withdrawals should be done fast, desirably within hours of time after the creation of a withdrawal request.

Australian online casino reviews of support

Support service is able to answer all questions about the gaming process in this or that Australian casino, as well as to help resolve issues, which fall out of the scope of FAQ and simple answering. For instance, if a bug occurs, they’re able to fix it technically. The usual set of support channels is as such:

  • E-mail
  • Live chat on the website
  • Phone.

Heartfelt and devoted support service is what creates a good image of an Australian casino.

best australian online casino

The games of online casinos make the core of their entire activity, so let’s consider what types of games people want to see when they enter punters’ houses.

Pokies casino online games

Pokies in Australia are the most popular options for casino gambling. It is hard to imagine an Aussie or a New Zealander who would want to make a visit to an online or land-based casino to play another game, not a pokie, in the first place. Even if he goes there for something different, chances are high he’d play pokie. That’s just the nature of local gamblers.

Baccarat to be played for the best online casino payouts

Baccarat is one of the options of blackjack if to put it strictly. The biggest difference between the two is that in blackjack, a gamer only bets on his or her victory, whilst in baccarat, there are three betting options: win, lose, or draw.

Bingo is a type of fast lottery, where a bettor has to collect lines of numbers in order to win. If he or she won’t collect them from the numbers that are randomly picked from a pool of numbers using automated means, this will result in the price of a ticket to be lost. In this game, people can easily win from a couple of bucks to tens of thousands.

Craps in the best rated online casinos

Craps is one of the popular casino dice games, where luck means a lot but not everything, as the ability to make reasonable bets also contributes. It is not as widely popular as the rest of casino games because of the non-simplicity of rules, yet playing it in an automated interface of Australian casinos will prompt a gamer to make correct bets and will guide them through the process.

Blackjack online gambling casino

The goal of this game is to score more than a dealer or 21 (but not more than 21, as otherwise, it will be an instant loss). If a player wins, he doubles the bet. It is a game with a low winning level for both casinos and gamblers, so it is popular not only because of the simplicity of the gaming process itself but also because of the low bankroll needed to play.

Keno game

Keno is another type of lottery. Some countries even adopt it on a national level. Depending on luck, it is possible to win millions of dollars (guessing correctly several numbers from randomly picked 20 out of 80). Statistically, it is not a big problem to guess 6-8 numbers on the list, whilst it is nearly impossible to guess all 20 (the probability is 1 to 3.54 sextillion), precisely put, 1:3,535,316,142,212,174,320,000.

Roulette for the highest payout online casino Australia

Roulette is practically a synonym to the casino – everybody loves the thrilling sounds of rolling ball that is to be positioned in one of the cells, which promise high losses or wins. Roulette is seen in sparkling champagne, in the laughter of charming ladies in red dresses on their slim bodies, and with red lipstick on their seducing lips. It is in the air in every gaming hall – just come inside and feel the buzz of being a part of an evening whirlpool of gaming emotions.

Banking options in the best Australian online casinos

casino online

The banking options are the channels of flows of money to and from Australian casinos. Let’s consider some widely used in Australia.

Bank credit cards

The easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way of delivering your money to the casino’s deposit is a bank card. It is also the most popular remedy to withdraw money after winning.

The option of Upaycard

Upaycard is one of the expensive ways of handling cash – despite the fact that registering in this system and getting the first virtual card is free, everything else is paid: a monthly fee, getting cash from ATMs, paying in stores and on the Internet, depositing money into it, making currency exchange, and opening another card. If one has an opportunity to use a cheaper bank card, it would be a wise solution.

Neosurf money

Neosurf is a cash voucher, which only exists in physical form. In Australia and some other territories where online payments are not as popular as in other countries for whatever reasons, paying with Neosurf is a feasible option. However, for the US and European citizens, it is quite tiresome to pay using it, as it is needed to visit a physical store with that voucher on sale, buy it with a commission, then pay using it with another commission, and then transfer the money balance to another voucher (if necessary), which is also done with a commission. If a player doesn’t have time to buy it physically, then it would be wise to use an alternative channel of payment.

Aus casinos played on mobile

australian online casinos

In 2021, it is hard to find Australian casinos that wouldn’t place mobile gamers in place #1. Whilst ‘good old’ classic PC and laptops take nearly 50% share of the market, their rate declines every year. Mobile and tablet gamblers become of crucial importance to Australian casinos, which’s why they support Android, iOS, and other systems like Windows mobile.


According to the latest estimates, over 80% of the mobile market in the world is taken by Android. No wonder: it is a reliable, fast, expedient, and cost-efficient operating system.

Apple (IOS)

Those people having Apple products can enjoy gaming, too – especially given the latest speedy models of this company, which have many cores in their processors, just perfectly enough to play Australian casinos smoothly.

Other mobile software

We can highlight in this section Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and exotic OSs like ones made in China for local and global markets.

Safety is one of the cornerstones of gaming on the Internet. A few essential rules are attached:

  • Never disclose personal or financial information to anyone unless this is not an Australian casinos’ protected website where one has an account opened.
  • Do not keep substantial sums of money on any payment remedy used to gamble online (for depositing or withdrawing) to avoid it from hacking and depleting.
  • Never click any links that are received not from utmost trusted sources, especially in spam emails.

FAQ about the best online casinos Australia 2021

top online casinos

What are casino bonuses?

Bonuses of Australian casinos are gifts presented to players to boost their efficiency in gaming. They are given to new and existing gamblers.

What one should know about casino payouts

Payouts are never as speedy as deposits and may require from hours to weeks to complete. That’s essentially the biggest drawback of Australian casinos. Overcoming it is possible by means of using faster channels (usually, every channel depicts information about the average time of withdrawal) and getting an account verified for identity (which can take up to a week on its own).

For better chances of winning, it is better to play pokies because they deliver a high average rate of bets return: about 90-95% (that’s even not considering the probability of jackpot).

  • Customer support in Aus casinos

Support is important because it allows solving issues quickly, in a matter of minutes or hours at most. Always search Australian casinos with great support service (by reading feedback from other players).

  • Tips and winning strategies in Australian casinos

Every online game has some tips and strategies. It would be too long to list all games here, so it’s better to google for available options online for the games of your interest.

  • Is winning real money in Australian casinos possible?

Actually, yes, and this contributes to the large popularity of Australian casinos. The biggest winnings occur in Keno, pokies, roulette, and poker (that’s not to mention jackpot games).

What are the min and max amounts to deposit?

That depends on each casino. The sums can be from 1 AUD to 100 AUD at minimum, averaging to 5-20. And up to 100,000 AUD at maximum (usually, large sums are not available to newcomers but only to registered VIPs). Refer to the Terms and Conditions to find out the sums in exact Australian casinos.

What is playing with a live dealer?

The live dealer is a guy or girl standing in front of a web camera so gamblers can see him/her. This feature creates a feeling of a real casino around a gambler.

What are online video pokies?

Pokies are the most popular games, where a player shall press a button to make reels spinning.